Indigo Cotton Crop Top

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Indigo Cotton Crop Top
About the Designer:
Lillian Jackson Textiles was founded in 2012 by Jackie Kilmartin, the designer & maker. Each piece is made in her Philadelphia studio. She teaches college classes in knit textiles & sells her work nationally through fine craft shows & boutiques. Prior to making textiles, Ms Kilmartin was a scientist. Her extensive chemistry & math background informs every element of her work, from the chemical composition of the fibers and dyes to the final drape and proportion of each piece.
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Light, airy cotton, elegant crepe textures, and intense color come together in a crop top that is as comfortable as it is effortlessly chic. Wear it as a perfect, warm-weather blouse!
  • By Lillian Jackson Textiles
  • Fair trade, hand-dyed organic cotton
  • One size only. Fits US sizes 2–14
  • Width at bust: 27"
  • Length: 22"
  • Machine wash cold. Machine dry warm/low heat
  • Unlined
  • Made in Philadelphia
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