Fountain Sticker/Bookmark

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Fountain Sticker/Bookmark
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Create your own "readymade" artwork with the Fountain Sticker/Bookmark. Created exclusively for the centennial celebration of Marcel Duchamp's (French, 1887–1968) Fountain.


Duchamp's Fountain is among the most notorious artworks of the twentieth century. Duchamp didn't make Fountain. It was a manufactured object – an ordinary urinal purchased in a hardware store. He called this type of work "readymade," borrowing a term for clothing sold ready-to-wear rather than made-to-order. Readymades changed the ordinary rules of creation, and Duchamp considered them his greatest achievement.


The original Fountain was lost shortly after being rejected from an exhibition in April 1917. The version at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was purchased at a Paris flea market in 1950 by the art dealer Sidney Janis for a show at his New York gallery. Duchamp approved that Fountain and later signed and dated it "R. Mutt 1917."

  • Matte achesive with paper backing
  • Made in the USA
  • 3" x 8"
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