The Last Place on Earth

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By Mike Fay (Author), Michael Nichols (Photographer).


The photographs in The Last Place on Earth are among the greatest wildlife images in the world today. The groundbreaking photography in Volume I presents wildlife as if the viewer is involved in the scene, accomplished with innovative technology developed at National Geographic under the guidance of Michael Nichols. The new technology allows Nichols to set aside the usual telephoto lenses that magnify and flatten subjects, freeing him to use more normal lenses with special lighting for unparalleled close ups. The resulting pictures bridge the gap between wildlife and humanity as never before seen. His photographs highlight the rough beauty of central Africa's wildlife and terrain and offer his unique perspective on its many rarely seen wonders. 


Volume II portrays a facsimile of Mike Fay's original journal with Nichols' stunning black and white images of the arduous journey illustrating Fay's detailed entries. Together the set constructs a poignant portrait of central African forests before their greatness succumbs to the inexorable encroachment of humanity. Threats by armed-poachers, disease and despair are offset by moments of beauty and utter serendipity. As a result of Nichols' and Fay's work, the government of Gabon created 13 national parks protecting 11,294 square miles as a natural reserve and wildlife sanctuary.

  • Hardcover
  • 11 7/10” x 2 9/10” x 15 9/10”
  • 480 pages
  • National Geographic; Box Pack edition, 2005
  • ISBN-10 0792238818
  • ISBN-13 978-0792238812
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