Golden Section Finder

  • Golden Section Finder
  • Golden Section Finder, standing in case
  • Golden Section Finder, in use
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Perfection is all around you.  Perfect proportions observed in nature often follow the theory of the golden section. The golden section is a number regularly found when calculating the ratio between the dimensions of natural and geometric forms. Historically, artists, designers and architects have used it as a means of defining beauty in a theoretical rather than intuitive way. Use the Golden Section Finder, a pocket sized gazing device, to locate the proportional perfection in your surroundings.  

hold at an arms length

close one eye, adjust the frame

finding perfection

  • Laser Etched Acrylic
  • Clear 
  • 3.35" x 2" x .3"
  • Designed by Parsons & Charlesworth
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