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  • Beehive Books The Great Gatsby by Beehive Books
  • Beehive Books The Great Gatsby by Beehive Books
  • Beehive Books The Great Gatsby by Beehive Books
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In the newest entry in Beehive Books' ILLUMINATED EDITIONS line, Fitzgerald's hauntingly beautiful masterpiece is housed in a shimmering die-cut sculpturally embossed slipcase, printed on uncoated acid-free paper, and published in an oversized 9x12" trim format.

Fitzgerald's beloved account of the devastating costs of the American dream gets a fittingly gorgeous update in this high-end art-book edition, elaborately decorated by the famed Italian illustrators known at the Balbusso Twins. Featuring more than fifty full color illustrations that combine jazz age decadence with a sleek, almost futuristic sensibility, this elegantly designed volume brings the roaring twenties straight into the 2020s.

Anna and Elena Balbusso are celebrated graphic artists with over 80 international awards to their name. They specialize in literary illustration, with several works for The Folio Society including their much-lauded take on Margaret Atwood's HANDMAID'S TALE. They continue their string of stunning illustrated editions of literary classics with an American classic that remains potent and relevant for today's economic divide. Whether you're a fan of classic literature, a lover of beautiful illustration and design, or a collector of exceptionally gorgeous books, this edition will please the eye as much as Fitzgerald's story challenges the status quo.

  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Illustrators: Anna & Elena Balbusso 
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Beehive Books, Forthcoming, due August 2022
  • 144 pages, 12" x 9"
  • Color illustrations throughout 
  • ISBN:  9781948886284  
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