The Art Detective: Adventures of an Antiques Roadshow Appraiser

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The Art Detective: Adventures of an Antiques Roadshow Appraiser

About the Author:

Philip Jonathan Clifford Mould is an English art dealer, writer and broadcaster. He has made a number of major art discoveries, including some of Thomas Gainsborough's earliest known works, the only known portrait of Prince Arthur Tudor and a number of lost works by Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Mould is the author of two books on art discovery and is widely consulted by the media on the subject. He is well known for his role co-presenting the BBC television program Fake or Fortune?, the most watched arts program on television.

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How can you tell a masterpiece from a piece of junk?

Philip Mould has been so successful at discovering buried treasures that he's affectionately known as "the art detective." Now, at last, he has decided to let the eleven million fans of Antiques Roadshow in on his secrets. Each chapter revolves around a particular painting and the people who helped unmask its creator's identity-from an ingeniously forged Norman Rockwell (good enough to fool the Rockwell Museum) to a Winslow Homer found in a dump. Witty and compulsively readable, The Art Detective is memoir, art history, and brilliant storytelling all rolled into one.

  • Paperback
  • 5 1/3" x 8"
  • 272 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Books, 2011
  • ISBN: 9780143119166
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