Hello National Parks!

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Hello National Parks!

About the Author:

Martha Zschock lives with her family on Cape Cod. A former elementary school teacher, she was inspired by field trips with her students to write her first book, Journey Around Cape Cod from A to Z. Martha's journey has continued with more books in the series from other places including, Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Maine, Nantucket, and New York. Martha and her family enjoy the journey of creating the series, which includes lots of traveling, writing, painting, and meeting lots of wonderful children and adults along the way. Martha often collaborates on projects with her twin sister, Heather, an art director and freelance designer. When her twin sister had a baby, Martha began writing and painting for a new "Hello!" series of board books which take the youngest explorers on journeys to several locations such as Florida, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Boston, Yellowstone, and America.

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By Martha Day Zschock

Martha Day Zschock, author-illustrator of the Hello! board book series, says Hello! to National Parks. A parent and child eagle visit America’s national parks and public lands in children's author-illustrator Martha Day Zschock's latest board book Hello, National Parks! Packed with details for the youngest travelers, the book takes little readers from the Statue of Liberty in the east to the Golden Gate in the west, from the Grand Canyon to Cape Cod National Seashore to the Everglades and to Hawaii Volcanoes. Along the way, budding Junior Rangers will begin to develop an appreciation for our country’s history, animals, and beauty! Made in the USA.

  • Board book
  • Ages 2–5 years
  • 6" x 9/10" x 6"
  • 16 pages
  • Publisher: Commonwealth Editions, 2011
  • ISBN-10: 1938700333
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938700330
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