La Muse Endormie Pendant

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One of Brâncuși's mantras was, ‘Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave’.


In La muse endormie, the form of a sleeping woman's head has been distilled into an almost perfect oval the purity of outline marked only by subtle, attenuated allusions to the physical features of the model, designed to convey an incredible depth of serenity and thoughtfulness. The abstract female head was one of six bronze versions of a sculpture first made by Brâncuși in Paris in 1909-10. Friends recalled the sculptor’s long, meditative sessions of polishing over the course of weeks and even months, as he worked to perfect his desired effects. This reproduction necklace honors his vision with a miniature version you can wear everywhere as a reminder of his diligence and her tranquility. 

  • Museum exclusive
  • 1.5" pendant
  • Adjustable cord up to 24"
  • Antiqued Vermeille
  • Imported


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