Shane Chocolate Works x PMA Chocolate Bar

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Shane Chocolate Works x PMA Chocolate Bar
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You, and your friends and family, are in for a delicious treat. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has teamed up with the historic Shane Chocolate Works & Confectionery company to create a one-of-a-kind candy bar. Take a bite of the scrumptious dark-milk chocolate with salty pretzels combination and, trust us, you will want more...and more. All beautifully packaged in wrappers that illustrate the signature fluted columns of the museum's neoclassical design.

These bars are offered exclusively at the museum and at Shane's in Old City, Philadelphia. Did you know that Shane's is America's oldest continuously operating confectionery? Shane is donating a portion of these sales toward the museum's mission.

Perfect for gifting, for parties, or just a guilty pleasure.

  • 55% Chocolate Bar with Pretzels
  • Made in Philadelphia at Shane Chocolate Works for the Philadelphia Museum of Art
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