Georgia O'Keeffe: Watercolors

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Georgia O'Keeffe: Watercolors
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Amy Von Lintel, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Art History, Doris Alexander Endowed Distinguished Professor of Fine Arts, and Director of the Gender Studies Program at West Texas A&M University. She holds a BA in Art History, French, and European Studies from the University of Kansas, an MA in Art History from Southern Methodist University, and a PhD in Art History from the University of Southern California. She has received grant funding for research from the American Association for University Women (AAUW); the Columbia University Council for European Studies; the Yale Center for British Art; the Friends of the Princeton University Library; and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.
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Georgia O’Keeffe: Watercolors catalogs the first major exhibition (04/29/2016 – 10/30-2016, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, NM) of the nearly 50 watercolors created by O’Keeffe between 1916 and 1918, while she lived in Canyon, Texas. These years mark a period of radical innovation for the artist, during which she firmly established her commitment to abstraction. While her work in Texas is often understood as merely a prelude to her career in New York City, these watercolors and drawings mark a seminal stage in O’Keeffe’s artistic formation, representing the pivotal intersection of her disciplined art practice and her allegiance to the revolutionary techniques of her mentor, Arthur Wesley Dow. O’Keeffe’s watercolors explore the texture and landscape of the Texas desert and the artist’s own body in an exceptionally fragile and sensitive medium, representing a substantial achievement in their own right. These early works also relate to O’Keeffe’s large-scale oil paintings, which in their handling of color and texture in some ways seem to aspire to the condition of watercolor.

Designed to emphasize direct contact with these beautiful works, Watercolors features full-scale color reproductions of the paintings, most of which are approximately 8×12 inches in scale, offering a powerful testament to the significance of the watercolors in O’Keeffe’s creative evolution.
  • Hardcover
  • 188 pages
  • 82 illustrations
  • 10" x 13"
  • Radius Books, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781942185048
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