Dupre 1909 Catalog A5 Sketchbook

Museum Exclusive
  • Dupre 1909 Catalog A5 Sketchbook
  • Dupre 1909 Catalog A5 Sketchbook
  • Dupre 1909 Catalog A5 Sketchbook
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Mary Cassatt was loyal to the merchant Dupré, frequenting the emporium on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore at the corner of rue de Berrie in Paris for her art materials including canvases.  Created exclusively for the exhibition, the sketchbook reproduces the Dupre’s 1909 sales catalog cover and page for brushes for oil painting.

A celebrated member of the French Impressionists, Pennsylvania-born Mary Cassatt challenged the conventional expectations of Philadelphia’s elite. In Paris, Cassatt committed herself to a career as a professional artist and made the social, intellectual, and working lives of modern women a core subject of her prints, paintings, and pastels. Though recognized in her lifetime for her intimate depictions of women and children, Cassatt has yet to be appreciated for her serious engagement with the realities of gender and labor in her portrayal of other traditionally feminine activities, such as embroidery, reading, or making social appearances.

These depictions lie at the heart of Mary Cassatt at Work, which will present over 130 diverse works that follow the artist’s evolving practice and demonstrate her interest in the “serious work” of artmaking. The exhibition will present new findings about the materials she used and her processes—which were advanced for her era—as it coincides with a detailed technical study of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s significant Cassatt holdings.

Mary Cassatt at Work is the first major showing of the artist’s oeuvre since 1998–99. By considering her professionalism, her biography, and the wider Parisian world she inhabited, a richer and more complex picture of Cassatt develops, inviting contemporary conversations about gender, work, and artistic agency.

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  • Philadelphia Museum of Art Exclusive
  • A5, 5.8 x 8.3 inches (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • 240 pages
  • Blank pages
  • Supports ink, marker, pencil, colored pencil, pen, and crayon.
  • White smooth uncoated paper 90g
  • Notebook opens 180º degrees and lays flat on your desk so you can have the best possible writing experience.
  • Exposed Smyth Sewn stitch-finish spine.
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