Kakuno Fountain Pen

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Simply the Best Choice for your first Fountain Pen!

Pilot designed the Kakuno pen, a simple fountain pen that is great for beginners. Thanks to its many features that help ease beginners into the world of fountain pens, anyone can experience the joy of writing with these delightful instruments. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and that's just what this pen helps you do!

  • Smiley face on the nib that always faces up when writing, ensuring correct nib orientation
  • Transparent demonstrator body that lets you see the pen's internal workings
  • Hexagonal cap and body design that keeps the pen from rolling away
  • Triangular grip shape
  • 85% recycled plastic
  • Comes with one black ink cartridge
  • Nib steel material, size fine 
  •  Length - Capped13.1 cm / 5.2 inches 
  •  Length - Posted15.9 cm / 6.3 inches 
  •  Length - Uncapped12.7 cm / 5.0 inches 
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