Uni Mitsubishi Posca Markers Retro Colors

  • Uni Mitsubishi Posca Markers Retro Colors
  • Uni Mitsubishi Posca Markers Retro Colors
  • Uni Mitsubishi Posca Markers Retro Colors
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The Posca marker is ideal for many audiences: artists and creative professionals such as architects and agencies; lovers of creative leisure and home décor; customization enthusiasts such as surfers and skaters. By its ease of use, it is also an ideal tool to allow beginners to dare to express their creativity.  

Great for writing and drawing on non porous surfaces such as glass, plastic and chalkboards.  Marks can be removed from non porous surfaces by using ammonia based  window cleaner. Posca Markers can be used to make permanent marks on porous surfaces like wood, plaster, clay and poster board.  

From the beginning of the 80s, the POSCA paint marker met with immediate success within artistic communities from urban cultures, and more particularly in the Graffiti community.  Indeed, graffiti artists very quickly adopted this marker that met their expectations: practical and effective, ideal to always have paint on you to paint in the street and share their creation with the general public. They gave it a real popularity, which gradually spread beyond the urban space. Workshop artists began to go "outside" to do street art, while graffiti artists began to work on canvas. 

Starting in 1886, Uni Mitsubishi Pencil in Tokyo relied on an exceptional traditional Japanese know-how.  The company continues to create, manufacture and market exceptional pencils.  In 1983, with nearly a century of innovations in the development of writing instruments and color inks, Uni Mitsubishi Pencil created POSCA: a revolutionary paint marker.

  •  Ink Type: Water based acrylic. Xylene and lead free ink is light fast and waterproof when dry.
  • Tip Style: 1.8 - 2.5 mm tapered bullet tip.
  •  Set of 8 colors include Cacao Brown, Deep Grey, English Green, Ochre, Prussian Blue, Raspberry, Ruby Red, and Ivory.  
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick drying
  • High UV resistance
  • Made in Japan
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