A Walk in the Woods

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A week after the funeral
I stare in the morning mirror
Angry that my father’s eyes
Stare back at me.

Confused  and distraught after the death of his father, a boy opens an envelope  he left behind and is surprised to find a map of the woods beyond their  house, with one spot marked in bright red. But why? The woods had been  something they shared together, why would his father want him to go  alone? 

Slowly, his mind settles as he sets off through the  spaces he once explored with his dad, passing familiar beech and black  oak trees, flitting Carolina wrens, and a garter snake they named Sal.  When he reaches the spot marked on the map, he finds pages upon pages of  drawings of woodland creatures, made by his father when he was his age.  What he sees shows him a side of his dad he never knew, and something  even deeper for them to share together. His dad knew what he really  needed was a walk in the woods.

New York Times bestselling  author Nikki Grimes and the Caldecott Award winning illustrator Jerry  Pinkney spent the early days of the pandemic emailing back and forth and  talking about collaborating on a book, with Jerry sharing all of the  pictures he took of the woods around his house. From this, they conjured  a story of a boy’s struggle with grief, and all the things he sees and  feels on a walk through the forest.

Jerry sadly passed away in  the fall of 2021, but not before he delivered tight pencil sketches of  the forests he loved. When his son Brian took on the task of completing  the illustrations, he found himself connecting with his father in a  whole new way, his experience mirroring that of the boy in the book. The  result is a simultaneously touching and deeply authentic story about  the ways shared pastimes keep us close to those we’ve lost.

  • Ages 4-8
  • Author: Nikki Grimes
  • Illustrators: Jerry Pinkney and Brian Pinkney
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House 2023
  • 40 pages, 11.3" x 9.3"        
  • ISBN: 9780823449651 
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