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F. L. Wright Basic Architecture

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  • Pages from the book F.L. Wright
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Acclaimed as the “father of skyscrapers,” the quintessentially American icon Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect of aspiration. He believed in giving cultivated American life its fitting architectural equivalent and applied his idealism to structures across the continent, from suburban homes to churches, offices, skyscrapers, and the celebrated Guggenheim Museum.

Wright’s work is distinguished by its harmony with humanity and its environment, a  philosophy he called organic architecture, and which found its paradigm  at Fallingwater, a house in rural Pennsylvania, cited by the American Institute of Architects as “the best all-time work of American  architecture.” 

Wright also made a particular mark with his use of industrial materials, and by the simple L or T plan of his Prairie House  which became a model for rural architecture across America. And he was often involved in many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass, paying particular attention to the balance between individual needs and community activity.  

  • Authors:  Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Peter Gössel              
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Taschen, 2015
  • 96 pages, 10.2" x 8.3"
  • Fully illustrated throughout
  • ISBN: 9783836560498
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