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  •  Philadelphia City of Homes
  •  Philadelphia City of Homes
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Philadelphia: City of Homes is  an affectionate homage to Philadelphia by architect David Traub, which  reveals his deep and intimate knowledge of the city’s streets and  buildings. His third book about Philadelphia’s architecture and  streetscapes, Traub takes readers on a wide-ranging and eclectic tour of  the city’s homes. This book offers full-color photographs and  descriptions of Philadelphia homes, dating from the seventeenth through  the twenty-first centuries. They range from modest rowhouses to  distinctive mansions, and from the historically significant to the  eccentrically expressive. We see homes located in every section and  nearly every neighborhood in Philadelphia, from the working-class to the  affluent.

In Traub’s descriptions, these homes become  portals to greater understanding: of the history of the neighborhood  where they appear; of the range of architectural styles that  characterize the city’s homes; and of the aesthetic effect of each  building’s massing of visual elements, inflected by an open-ended  curiosity about those who designed, built, or lived in these  buildings—all combining to bring them to life on the page.

We learn more about the types of homes found across Philadelphia’s many  neighborhoods—including the ubiquitous rowhouse and townhouse; twin  homes; courtyard and walkway homes; detached houses; mansions and  carriage houses; “unusual” or somehow distinctive houses; modern houses,  and the recently emerging style that Traub calls the New Vernacular.                    

  • Author: David S. Traub
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Camino Books, 2022
  • 128 pages, 9.5" x 6.5"
  • 105 color photographs
  • ISBN: 9781680980493
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