A Voyage to Arcturus

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  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
  • A Voyage to Arcturus
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A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS, the gender-bending, genre-smashing epic by David Lindsay, is a neglected landmark in the history of science fiction and fantasy. Cited as a major influence by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, its impact continues to resonate across medium and culture. Now its fully-restored text is republished for the first time in half a century, featuring a full suite of illustrations and visual elaborations by Jim Woodring, and an introduction by Alan Moore. 

In Lindsay's vision, a young soldier travels the multiverse in search of meaning. In the star system of Arcturus, he will encounter astonishing new worlds containing strange and inexplicable transformations. He will fight Gods and become them. His story is a revelation, a riddle and a ride.

This gloriously strange and singular work joins Beehive Books’ ILLUMINATED EDITIONS line, in which literary classics are reinvented by the greatest graphic artists in the world. Experience this unjustly forgotten work of visionary sci-fi as brought to life by Jim Woodring’s psychedelic illustrations, enclosed in a shimmering die-cut sculpturally embossed slipcase, printed on uncoated acid-free paper, and published in an oversized 9x12” trim. A beautiful introduction by Alan Moore unpacks and examines the many meanings and cultural currents that went into this ur-text, changing the course of  a century's worth of fiction.

Jim Woodring is a best-selling, critically acclaimed cartoonist and author known for his surreal comics, dream art, and the anthropomorphic character Frank. Alan Moore may be the most celebrated comics author of all time, with countless renowned and beloved works to his name, including WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, FROM HELL and many more. The alchemy of Woodring’s inimitable, iconic style, and Lindsay’s rich, experimental narrative, with Moore as our learned tour guide through these strange and startling visions, will amaze fans of science fiction and fantasy, lovers of odd things, and collectors of striking books alike. This is a one-of-a-kind volume that promises to grow richer with each reading. 

  • Author: David Lindsay
  • Illustrator: Jim Woodring 
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Beehive Books, forthcoming due October 2022
  • 292 pages, 12" x 9"
  • Color illustrations throughout 
  • ISBN:  9781948886307  
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