Devil's Pool Sarah Kaufman

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  • Devils Pool Sarah Kaufman
  • Devils Pool Sarah Kaufman
  • Devils Pool Sarah Kaufman
  • Devils Pool Sarah Kaufman
  • Devils Pool Sarah Kaufman
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Made at a swimming hole in Philadelphia where bathing is illegal, the  Devil’s Pool photographs recognize the human need to revel in our  physical selves and commune with the natural world.

The Devil’s Pool photographs explore a swimming hole in Philadelphia’s  Wissahickon Park and emphasize the value of access to green spaces  within an urban setting. The project investigates how people relate to  their environment and affirms a human need or impulse to commune with  the natural world. The work pictures diversity, celebrating the human  body interacting with nature, and looks at relationships among people,  their bodies, and the environments that they inhabit. It recognizes a  long tradition of bathing throughout art history (both indoors and out  in nature) and the potential for a pictorial space where the body can be  openly represented and honored. This work considers the reflexivity in  viewing imagery of people fully taken by their physical and  psychological surroundings. Devil’s Pool stems from my love for the  Wissahickon and the respite that it provides. People from all over are  drawn to this urban swimming hole as a place to play and revel in  physicality and nature. The images depict moments of coherence among our  bodies and the world around us. At Devil’s Pool, I am able to expand my  admiring picture of everyday bodies, their owners absorbed in  unselfconscious presence.   

  • Author/photographer: Sarah Kaufman 
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Daylight Books, 2021
  • 112 pages, 10.8" x 9.8"
  • 61 color photographs
  • ISBN: 9781954119000 
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