Koinobori Tattoo Sakura Windsock

  • Koinobori Tattoo Sakura Windsock
  • Koinobori Tattoo Sakura Windsock
  • Koinobori Tattoo Sakura Windsock
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Madame Mo revisits the mythical Japanese windsock in the shape of a carp, the Koinobori which symbolize courage and prosperity and are considered true good luck charms in Japan. The Koinobori are often given to children to hoist in the air during the Children's Day (Kodomo No Hi) on May 5.   

Cherry blossoms, variations of blue, a discreet touch of pink, this koinobori is definitely an ode to Japanese springtime. From your home, travel, escape, live the Hanami, a unique moment so appreciated by the Japanese: the country stops, for a weekend, for a moment of contemplative pause in the parks, privileged places to meet, picnic, have fun, share, and collect. The Sakura koinobori is the Hanami of Madame Mo. Offer it to anyone who aspires to slow down the pace of their life, to embrace a slower life as they say. ''Living at 100 per hour is living at 100%?'' One look at the Sakura koinobori, and the answer will fly: no! 

  • 17.7" x 6.7" 
  • Designed in France
  • Made in India
  • Fair Trade
  • Made of organic cotton
  • Women-owned
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