Print Making Bible Revised Edition

  • Print Making Bible Revised Edition
  • Print Making Bible Revised Edition
  • Print Making Bible Revised Edition
  • Print Making Bible Revised Edition
  • Print Making Bible Revised Edition
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Perfect for students and casual and professional artists, with lots of great reference information for print collectors as well, this is the ultimate guide to the ins and outs of every variety of printmaking practiced today.

In addition to in-depth step-by-step instructions, The Printmaking Bible features artist profiles that take you behind the scenes to show how professionals in the field create their work. You'll also find historical information on printmaking techniques, troubleshooting tips, and an extensive resource section. The revised edition includes new and original material, bringing it up to date with the latest methods and technologies utilized all over the world.

Far outpacing other printmaking books on the market, The Printmaking Bible is the ultimate volume for anyone interested or involved in this evergreen creative field.

BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!: With 25% new and updated content, the revised edition of The Printmaking Bible more than delivers on the promise of the original—it exceeds it.

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE: Featuring step-by-step instructions for a myriad of techniques, more than 1000 full-color images, and profiles and interviews with prominent printmakers, this volume is more comprehensive than any other on the subject. And the deluxe package and elevated design make it a gorgeous addition to your coffee table book collection, too!

AN ART BOOK FOR MODERN PRINTMAKERS: The arts and crafts renaissance is alive and well! Whether you're a regular at a printmaking studio, an avid collector of limited-edition prints, or considering enrolling in a class or a workshop, the new and improved edition of this uniquely comprehensive compendium will soon become your new best friend. Make room on your shelf because The Printmaking Bible is not to be missed.   

  • Authors:  Ann d'Arcy Hughes, Hebe Vernon-Morris
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Chronicle 2023
  • 416 pages, 10.2" x 9"
  • ISBN: 9781797221601  
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