Schiele Masters of Art

  •  Schiele Masters of Art
  •  Schiele Masters of Art
  •  Schiele Masters of Art
  •  Schiele Masters of Art
  •  Schiele Masters of Art
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An elegant introduction to Egon Schiele’s career, this book untangles the mysteries and misunderstandings behind his genius.

Egon Schiele left an enormous artistic legacy that is all the more powerful for the brevity of his career. Isabel Kuhl’s lively text follows Schiele’s trajectory from an artist in the Art Nouveau style to a powerful interpreter of human sexuality and considers the many hardships, including exile and even imprisonment, faced by Schiele as a young and rebellious artist with a singular vision. Gorgeous reproductions of his most emblematic works are presented chronologically, allowing readers to appreciate the evolution of Schiele’s radical style, his uncanny use of color and line, and his willingness to confront an oppressive society. From unflinching portraits to precisely detailed landscapes, Schiele’s artistry shines through on every page.

  • Author: Isabel Kuhl
  • Soft cover
  • Publisher: Prestel, 2020
  • 112 pages, 8.3" x 6.8"
  • 55 color illustrations
  • ISBN: 9783791386263      
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