Woven of the World

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  •  Woven of the World
  •  Woven of the World
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  •  Woven of the World
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Told from the perspective of a young girl learning to weave, Woven of the World is a lyrical meditation on the ancient art of weaving and what this beautiful craft can teach us.

As rhythmic as the swish of a loom, and as vibrant as a skein of brightly dyed wool, this lyrical picture book shares the history and practice of weaving through the centuries and around the world, as imagined by a young weaver learning her craft. Her family's weaving practice helps her feel connected to the past and hopeful for the future. It shows her that each of us is a tapestry: a unique, rich, and beautifully interwoven combination of traits and traditions, with a pattern that is still emerging.

At once a celebration of a time-honored art and a meditation on the ways we are interconnected, this artfully woven narrative gathers the threads of weaving as a technical skill, a cultural tradition, and as a metaphor for how our lives are knit together, into a radiantly intertwined whole.

  • Ages: 5-8
  • Author: Katey Howes
  • Illustrator: Dinara Mirtalipova
  • Hard cover
  • Publisher: Forthcoming from Chronicle, February 2023
  • 44 pages, 11.3" x 8.9"
  • ISBN: 9781452178066  
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