Yamakano Washi Paper Collection

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  • Yamakano Washi Paper Collection
  • Yamakano Washi Paper Collection
  • Yamakano Washi Paper Collection
  • Yamakano Washi Paper Collection
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Fresh Japanese paper from a beautiful natural village.

Yamakano Washi Paper Collection contains 4 kinds of handmade paper for different uses. Yamakano Paper mainly manufactures calligraphy paper, which is a specialty of Nishishima washi. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, Minobu Town is located on the south side of Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The Fuji River, one of the three major rapids in Japan, flows through it, and Nishishima Washi no Sato is located in a place rich in nature surrounded by mountains. 

‘Washi’ is the general term for handmade paper made with Japanese techniques, literally meaning ‘Wa’, Japanese and ‘Shi’, paper. Whereas paper making in Japan started during the Nara period (710 to 794 B.C.), the craft only started to flourish during the Edo period (1603 and 1868).

It is said that the history of Nishishima washi began back in the Sengoku period, when a samurai named Mochizuki Seibei learned the manufacturing method of "Shuzenji paper" in Nomura, Takata District, Izu Province (present-day Izu City) and brought it back to Nishishima. The washi was mainly made from mitsumata, and when Seibei made washi in Nishishima and presented it to the lord of the country, Takeda Shingen, Prince Shingen was very happy to recognize it as a "fortune paper" and ordered Seibei to be the paper official. After that, washi paper production was actively carried out mainly in Nishishima until the Tokugawa period, but after the Meiji period, it gradually decreased, and now it is only Nishishima.

After the war, Nishishima worked on the development of "Gasenshi". In addition, we mainly manufacture calligraphy paper such as calligraphy paper and gasen paper by introducing various raw materials such as late paper (Japanese paper made from sandara etc. once made) and rice straw.

Nishishima washi has a unique softness, and the color of ink is good and can express deep colors. In addition, it has a beautiful bleeding and brushstroke, and is loved by many calligraphers in Japan and abroad.  

Papers include --

1. “Kinari” Notes for Fountain Pen Water Based Applications 

2. “First Snow” Practice Calligraphy 

3. “Ginko Nut” Practice Calligraphy - Can Also Be Used as a Tissue (Untreated Linen Fiber) 

4. “Fuji River” Letters & Sketches Calligraphy (Linen Based Thick Texture) 

  • Made in Japan
  • 100 sheets
  • Each sheet measure 4.5 x 3.25" (82 x 113mm)
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