Circle Under Berry

  • Circle Under Berry
  • Circle Under Berry
  • Circle Under Berry
  • Circle Under Berry
  • Circle Under Berry
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With an elegant and simple approach, this thought-provoking concept book shows young readers that everything in the world can be seen from infinite perspectives.

Each page compares colors, shapes, and objects in relation to each other. A triangle that is over a square is also under a circle. A circle that is pink also might be a flower.

The artful, playful combinations of simple concepts and Higgins's rhythmic writing and expert arrangement of objects on the page make this book a perfect read-aloud, capable of entertaining, educating, and challenging readers in equal measure.

There are multiple ways to read the book, allowing it to work for several ages and reading levels at once. The educational value and sheer fun packed into this book's language and visual design will make it a huge hit with educators and librarians, new parents, and creative kids who are visual learners.

This striking, delightfully different exploration of shape, color, and patterns redefines what a picture book can be. Read it once, read it ten times. See something new every time. 

  • Author/illustrator: Carter Higgins
  • Board book
  • Publisher: Chronicle, 2021
  • 52 pages, 9.9" x 7.6"
  • ISBN: 9781797205083    
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